Whenever someone you know gets engaged, there are two things you need ASAP: a photo of the ring and the proposal story. It鈥檚 like milk and cookies 鈥 you just can鈥檛 have one without the other. If you鈥檙e a sucker for a great engagement story, we suggest you take a look at Stone Fox Bride鈥檚 Instagram. The indie bridal company鈥檚 account is obviously full of endless dress inspiration, but what caught our eye most while scrolling was their #stonefoxrings series. In the reoccurring feature, the brand shows off some seriously swoonworthy engagement rings with a short and sweet story about how the proposal went down. Scroll on down to read a few of our favorite stories and be sure to check in on the hashtag whenever you feel a case of wedding fever coming on.


1. The Childhood Sweethearts: 鈥淲e met in the 8th grade, she was the bookworm and he the bad boy smoking in the school courtyard and became great friends鈥 In college he decided to take a chance and kiss her, she didn鈥檛 say no. Ten years later he proposed on NYE with his great, great grandmothers ring.. They celebrate 5 wonderful years of marriage this Saturday鈥 鈥 (Photo via @stonefoxbride)


2. The Traveling Duo: 鈥淕ot down on one knee while having hungover coffee on their veranda in Venice.鈥 (Photo via @stonefoxbride)


3. The Adorably Desperate Dude: 鈥淚 made him. Just kidding. We were on Fire Island when he asked if he had the ring would she say yes. Then he said, please just say yes.鈥 (Photo via @stonefoxbride)


4. The Star Gazers: 鈥淚t happened last Sunday. They were sitting beneath the sky at the LA conservatory with their friend Max watching the wild moon at the conservatory. He got down on one knee and said, 鈥業n front of the city of LA and our friend Max I鈥檓 asking you to spend the rest of your life with me.鈥 The ring still needs to be sized.鈥 (Photo via @stonefoxbride)


5. The Bikers: 鈥淗e was in their kitchen in Brooklyn fixing his bike on one knee and he called her into the room, the ring in one hand and two screwdrivers in the other. He said, 鈥業 have two questions. Can you help me fix my bike tire. And can you marry me?'鈥 (Photo via @stonefoxbride)

What鈥檚 the sweetest proposal story you鈥檝e found on this Instagram? Share with us in the comments below.