When it comes to a good proposal story, originality is key. Sure, your beau may not be the type to have “will you marry me” written in the clouds, but there are a bunch of different ways to get creative with this monumental life moment. You could pop the question on a roller coaster, unexpectedly show up on an international trip of theirs or maybe put together an Instagram adventure. But no matter what you do, one thing is for certain: It should be a grand gesture that your recipient is going to be totally wooed by. So for some, that actually might mean a message in clouds, but for others it could be a custom-made game of Monopoly.

Justin Lebon and his girlfriend Michal Ott have been together for about four years, and one of their favorite pastimes is playing board games. According to the story Justin posted on Reddit, they usually play Monopoly on a board Justin made in high school. But when he decided the time was right to pop the question, he also realized that creating a new custom board to give her on Christmas would be the perfect way to do it.

Justin collaborated with his woodworking friend Mark Becker, who helped him create the board. Naturally, all of the slots are representative of the couple’s life and relationship. Justin used the four Westin hotels they’ve stayed at together as the railroads. He also added in places like the location of their first date, the address of their first and current house and even a few of their favorite California getaways.

After gifting Michal the board on Christmas morning, he says, “I asked Michal if she wanted to play. She said yes, of course, and I handed her a pair of loaded dice. They would only allow her to roll a 7 — the number she needed to land on Chance. That’s where I put the ‘will you marry me?’ card. Michal takes the dice. Rolls a 7. Says ‘Ooh a Seven! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7! Ooh, Chance!…’ She reads the chance card out loud, ‘Will you marry me?’ and said ‘Is this REAL!?’ I said ‘What else does the card say?’ Michal replies, ‘If yes advance to luxury tax.’ After Michal quickly moved her piece to luxury tax I got down on one knee and poured my heart out.

While that alone is enough to give us some pretty high proposal standards, there is more. After he gave his spiel, he pulled out not a ring, but a key from his pocket. He then took the key and opened a trap door under the luxury tax spot where a ring was hiding.

The couple recently told Buzzfeed that they’re planning a destination wedding in Maui in 2017, but that it will “absolutely not” have a Monopoly theme.

What’s the most creative wedding proposal you’ve seen lately? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Justin Lebon)