Do you remember that Disney movie Smart House? Every time there’s a new innovation in tech for your home, we just can’t help but think of the scenes where a floor could clean up its own mess and you were awoken to a beautiful scene stretching across your entire wall. Although we aren’t quiiiiiite at that level yet, one gadget for the home is making things a lot easier.


Now AT&T customers can use their voices to send SMS text messages via their Amazon Echo device. So say you’re in the kitchen and you know your phone is somewhere in the house, but you aren’t entirely sure where and don’t want to spend time looking for it. But you also maybe want to reach out to friends and confirm plans for later. Super easy solution: Now just tell Amazon Echo (well, Amazon Alexa who lives inside of the device): “Alexa, ask AT&T to text [insert name here].” And then Alexa will send the message off.

There are a couple caveats. Anybody you want to text will have to be preprogrammed into the Alexa skill — and you’ll only be able to save up to 10 preprogrammed contacts at a time. We’re hoping this service expands to other carriers soon, because we’re dying to try this out. But if you’re an AT&T customer, drop us a line using only your voice?

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(h/t 9-to-5 Google; photo via Amazon)