Whether it’s a dive bar, a hip restaurant or a cozy coffee shop, everybody has those certain spots they love in their city. Half the fun of having friends in from out of town is sharing those special spots with them. But chances are you’re not going to be around to act as a personal tour guide for every second of their trip. So what used to result in a lengthy list of recommendations with descriptions, addresses and personal commentary can now be condensed into one seamless (and actually enjoyable) process. Introducing, Stray Boots.


Stray Boots has already been making a name for itself in the travel industry for a few years now as an app that offers interactive scavenger hunts for tourists around major cities. Since then they’ve even launched a feature that allows you to design a custom scavenger hunt of your own. And now, the company has even developed a feature that allows you to create custom maps, complete with all your favorite spots around the city to share with whoever you like.


While drafting up a map is quite simple, unfortunately as of right now it can not yet be created in the app. Instead, just head over to Stay Boots’ website and select which city you’d like to create a map for. Then start typing away, pinning any spots you want to recommend. After you’ve titled and selected a location, you can also write a little blurb about what you like to order, do or see there.


Once you’ve pinpointed all your favorite places, Stray Boots generates a custom URL that you can send to friends. While you can’t yet view the map in the Stray Boots app (although we’re guessing that’s coming soon), it is easy to navigate on a smartphone or tablet for on-the-go viewing.


Obviously this feature is great for sharing, but it can also be totally useful to help you remember all those spots you’re constantly finding and forgetting. Next time you happen upon somewhere cool, pin it on the map to remember for next time. You can download Stray Boots on Android and iOS for free now!

What are you top three favorite spots in your city? Share with us in the comments below.