Wait, what? Is that a screenshot of someone erasing part of a photo in Photoshop? No! It’s a cheeky new street art series that we’re currently swooning over.

Dubbed Street Eraser, this project is yet another example of merging the digital world with the analog, similar to the real-life Instagram series. And, like its Insta-cousin, Street Eraser is tearing up the streets of London, one faux eraser stroke at a time.

But how? The artists have created giant playful labels, illustrating that oh-so-familiar Photoshop checkerboard pattern. And they use them to remove graffiti from stop signs, color from mailboxes and even the center of a piece of fried chicken.

As they describe to designboom, “We rather like the idea that it’s hiding under the surface of everything around us.” Well, we do too! :)

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