Despite our worst fears about the future of contraceptives, birth control seems to be more accessible than ever, with monthly prescription delivery services like The Pill Club and Nurx on the scene and apps that let you refill your prescription right from your phone.

birth control

One college campus is taking that access one step further even, offering its students contraceptives from a 鈥 get this 鈥 vending machine.

The University of California Davis now has what they鈥檙e calling a 鈥淲ellness to Go鈥 machine in its break room stocked full of condoms, tampons, pregnancy tests, Advil, and Plan B emergency pills.

It was a former student, Parteek Singh, that made the machine happen after two years of hard work, telling CNN that the skepticism that her efforts would never come to fruition only pushed her harder. 鈥淭he more [skepticism] and negativity I got from people, like, 鈥極h, it鈥檚 not going to happen,鈥 kind of pushed me more,鈥 she told the publication.

The school has yet to comment on its new addition, although it was approved by the FDA back in 2013.

鈥淚 feel like every college should have this,鈥 Singh said.

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(h/t Mic; photos via Charles Thatcher, Scott Olson, + Justin Sullivan/Getty)