If you’ve been filling up your shopping carts with summer duds during this weekend’s big 4th of July sales, then we’ve got an inkling that you’ve scooped up quite the stash of but-it’s-soooooo-cheap goodies. While we firmly believe in the mantra “treat yo’self,” we also know that to avoid impulse buy regret, a girl wielding a freshly paid-off credit card could sometimes use a solid shopping tip or two. So, we tapped one of our favorite New York fashion girls, Dria Murphy, Style and Communications Director at the online shopping platform Keep.com, to offer up her expertise on what you *should* be buying for these last few months of warm weather. Trust us, you’ll be happy you read this before you click that buy button!


From what fabrics can help you beat the heat best to a hack that will always make your summer sandals more comfortable, Dria’s five tips should act like your 101 guide to summer shopping. Follow these sworn-by steps and not only will they help you shop smarter, but they’ll make your fresh finds way more fun to wear.


1. Fabrics Matter: “I am always on the hunt for the perfect linen summer dress. Linen is such a breathable fabric, and in the summer I want to stay cool and comfortable but also stylish. Cotton and silk are other good fabrics for summer dressing since they’re light.”

Try: Forever 21 Longline Linen Dress ($25) + Dear Pony Painted Silk Cotton Voile Top ($58)

2. Scoop Up Versatile Accessories: “Scarves are essential in the summer. It might sound like a silly concept to some, but a scarf can have multiple functions in your summer wardrobe. It can be worn as a sarong on the beach with your bikini and is a perfect accessory in case you get chilly at night or in air conditioning. A beach bag is another summer essential that can be versatile in your wardrobe. Of course it serves its function at the beach but in the summer months beach bags can work for day or night.”

Try: Brit + Co x Almost Makes Perfect Stamped Scarf Kit ($25) + Brit + Co Shibori Tote + Pouch Kit ($15)

3. When It Comes to Sandals, Size Up!: “Flats are essential in the summer. It’s smart to buy summer sandals a half size bigger than normal because our feet expand with the heat. In my opinion, the more straps, the better when it comes to summer footwear. This can add some pop to a simple white dress or a pair of denim shorts and T-shirt.”

Try: Pam Left Pam Right PLPR-006 ($195) + Madison Harding Circle Sandal ($145)

4. Hunt Down the Perfect Sunglasses — They Can Make Your Entire Look: “A good pair of sunnies can change any summer look, especially if they are colorful with reflective lenses — there are options at every price point. It’s a perfect way to add a pop of color in your wardrobe for the summer.”

Try: Sunski Dipseas Emerald Tortoise ($55) + Quay Delilah in Purple ($50)

5. Skip the Crop Top!: “The off-the-shoulder trend is one of my favorites for the summer. This style is flattering on everyone, dress or top. It shows some skin but is comfortable and not too revealing. Also, let’s not forget the ventilation this trend brings us: perfect for those hot summer nights and much better than sucking in all night in a crop top! Haha!”

Try:Topshelf Monica Multi ($72) + Reformation Pine Top ($58)

What summer shopping tips do you swear by? Spill your secrets in the comments below!

(Featured + Main photo via Christina Shields)