Whip out your smartphones: There’s BIG news in the world of mobile shopping, and it’s going to make the way you “add to cart” easier than ever.

Fashion platform Keep.com, which, by now should be a go-to destination on the web for discovering and buying trending products across style, beauty and homewares, has launched the first-ever universal cart for mobile shoppers. That means once the Keep Shopping app is downloaded to your iOS device, you can buy as many things as you want from any online store in one place. With just one checkout. Yep, this is going to get real dangerous.

The time before Keep OneCart, mobile shoppers were constantly bouncing around their phone from shopping app to shopping app, from one site to another (to another), and from cart to cart while keeping track of multiple accounts, passwords, CC security codes and shipping addresses (ugghhh). Even on Keep.com, you knew that buying the carefully curated merch off of your Pinterest-like boards meant endless redirects. As the company says, “Enough of this thumb yoga.”

So now, OneCart gives your digits some much needed chill time by streamlining the online shopping experience. Just open the app and tap on your most can’t-live-without items from your Keep feed or from around the web to store them in the same cart. Once you’ve customized your duds on Bow & Drape, stocked up on must-try Korean beauty products from UO and picked up the most colorful goods and gadgets from the Brit + Co shop, hit the mint colored “checkout” button to give all those stores the memo that it’s time to ship you your brand-new goods. For those who drop half of their paycheck on stylish goodies + window shoppers alike, we’re calling this app a total keeper.

Are you just as pumped about sooo easy online shopping? Tell us which sites YOU’LL visit first though the Keep.com app in the comments below.