If there’s one beauty trend that dominated in 2015, it’s got to be the ever-changing, offbeat shades of hair color that have flooded our Instafeeds. In this year alone, we’ve seen pastel hair, rainbow hair, fire hair, oil-slick hair and now — wait for it — sunset hair. It’s exactly what you picture when you think of it: Strands are multi-hued in graduating shades to match those fiery, vibrant and deep purples, pinks, oranges and reds that you see in epic, #nofilter sunsets. Like the sun going down at dusk, the blazing hues are strong at the crown and eventually fade into lighter shades at the tips. But it’s hard to pull off a DIY job, so if you want your strands to sport your fave sunset shot, we suggest you head to your local salon — with ample inspo, of course.

Teasing out the shades of twilight — like the purple, hazy hue above that gives way to a fiery yellow on the ends — shows off complex, graduating color that’s as gorge as a dusky sky.


Since the shades of nightfall vary, you can work with your own hair color to create a moodier look. The deeper blues, magenta and purples are a better fit for brunettes than lighter oranges and yellows since it requires a different process (no bleach!) that won’t damage hair.


We can’t help but think that #sunsethair is the new orange, ready to usher in a beautiful, selfie-worthy look for the new year. And like those infamous sundown shots that look so magical, we just can’t get enough.

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(Photos via @lyvieloup, @Ms_Robinita, @Moestephens + @internationalstylists)