Nothing gets us more jazzed than a well-designed product that solves an everyday problem. That’s why we’re totally crushing on Swich, a wireless charger with an angled stand that makes it super easy to use your phone while it’s charging. We can’t resist accessing our favorite apps even if our phone has a 10% battery life.

The cool thing about Swich is that you don’t have to twist and turn your neck to peek at your phone’s screen when it’s charging like you would for other portable chargers. Swich is designed to float over your desk and even allows you to switch it (get it?) from a vertical to horizontal position. It’s perfect to keep on your desk if you’re charging your phone while working or studying and want to take a break to check your notifications or watch some sweet YouTube vids.

Swich is made from sustainable materials such as walnut and ceramic in order to achieve an organic look sure to add a splash of sophistication to your decor. Thanks to a micro-suction tape featured at the top of the device you can rest assured that your phone will be secured when charging. And, the cherry on top? Swich is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows phones!

We’re not the only ones excited about Swich. The Kickstarter campaign for the wireless phone charger has surpassed its $25,000 goal with less than 20 days left. The first batch of Swich chargers are set to be shipped out in November 2014.

What do you think about Swich’s elevated design? Share your thoughts in the comments.