What names come to mind when you think “bling”? Neil Lane? Tiffany? Jacob? What about Christina? Not ringing a bell? It will. And forget the bell, it will be more like a helpful buzz. Christina Mercando is the CEO of Ringly, a new, very stylish tech company that is about to shape the future of wearables. Because they’re making them for women. Duh, everyone else. Thank you, Ringly.

Put your credit cards away — they have yet to officially release any styles for us to get our hands on, fingers into etc. But we snooped on their site and in interviews Christina gave for some hints at possible prototypes and inspiration. And we love what we see.

You’ll be able to connect the jewelry (like the cute cocktail ring above) to your phone using Ringly’s mobile app and set up how and when you want to receive notifications. You could turn off everything except a buzz if that guy you went on a date with last night texts you or two buzzes and a green light if your sister calls. Ultimately, Ringly wants you to be able to put your phone away but still get the info you need when you’re out trying to enjoy life. No more dinner with a side of iPhone.

In early presentations, Christina uses a mashup pic of men wearing Google Glass and bulky smartwatches to show what’s hogging the wearable tech spotlight right now. As she puts it, we need to take the focus away from the early adopters and put it on women. We agree.

We dream of wearables that are wearable and thirst for tech jewelry that looks like what we would normally wear but does digital double duty. We like what we’ve seen with Cuff and some of the non-smartwatches from CES, but we’ll wait patiently for Ringly to debut this spring. There’s a “Promise Ringly” joke in there but we’ll let you make it in the comments below.

What do you think of Ringly? Are you as excited as we are to see what they come up with? What piece of jewelry would you want to transform to tech?