There are two phases to every tech gadget: the release and the redesign. Portable chargers are most definitely flourishing in this latter stage—added seamlessly into smartphone covers and even transformed into device-charging purses. Here, we’re featuring them in OG form, but narrowed it down to only the most beautiful ones we could find. From bold color blocks to pretty patterns, feast your eyes on eight portable chargers you’ll actually want to carry around.

1. Triple C for J.Crew Portable Charger ($40): A universal charger that’s tricked out with clean, geometric shapes and comes in two simple color schemes? Oh yeah, we’ll take ‘em both!

2. Bolt Portable Charger ($60): Billed as the world’s smallest portable iPhone charger, this salt shaker-sized device has a built-in 3000mAh battery guaranteed to keep your phone fully juiced. Its redesigned casing is super slick, especially in that color block pattern.

3. Jonathan Adler On the Go Charger inStepped DiamondsandCircle Ornaments ($28 each): Complete your all-patterned-everything look with one of these eye catching portable chargers that provide up to a 70% charge on most 30-pin port devices, like iPhones and iPods.

4. Puku ($99): Puku’s not just a pretty face: its stunning color scheme is backed up by high, hard numbers—how does 36 hours of talk time, 900 stand by hours, and 153 hours of media play sound? Some things aren’t too good to be true.

5. Nokia Universal Charger ($24): If you understand our obsession with LEGOs, then you’ll get why we love the look of these new Nokia micro-USB universal chargers. ‘Cause look.

6. Powerocks Magic Stick ($40): A portable charger that’s as lightweight as lipstick? Sign us up! Boasting a 2800mAh lithium ion battery, we’re stashing this device in our trendiest clutches and saving ’em for late nights out. (Image via Technology Tell)

7. Triple C for J.Crew Men’s USB Portable Charger ($35): J.Crew’s done it again: this is the ultimate portable charger for dainty ladies and dapper dudes (psst, it’s sneakily filed in the “men’s accessories” section of their website). You just can’t go wrong with polka dots.

8. Chevron Portable External Battery ($20): If you’re looking to really customize your portable charger, then we recommend checking out this Etsy store asap. The China-based seller will trick out a slender charger in the posh pattern of your choice, from herringbone to chevron, and even gold dipped or monogrammed!

Do you carry around a portable charger? What form does it take? Tell us about your faves in the comments below.