In the same way rugs will pull a room together, tablecloths can pull a table together. Bright colors will set off pale dishes, and pale cloths will highlight bright dishes. Plus, a uniform background helps to unify unmatched napkins and dishes if that’s the situation you’re dealing with. Take a look at these 15 tablecloths to get your table ready for the holidays.

1. Heredia Tablecloth ($128): The bright colors on this cotton tablecloth can take you from summer to autumn in a snap.

2. Cotton Tablecloth ($10): Stripes are definitely classic in any room. And at this price, how can you resist?

3. Shibori Blue Tablecloth ($40): Shibori — we cannot ignori. Bring on the blue.

4. Vixen Blockprint Tablecloth ($80): This tablecloth reminds us of a Magic Eye picture.

5. Tie-Dyed Tablecloth ($40): The beautiful swirl of color on this tablecloth could easily be mistaken for marble.

6. Sequin Tablecloth ($23+): Our official opinion: The holidays deserve as much sparkle as possible, and this tablecloth definitely makes the cut.

7. Como Gauze Linen Tablecloth ($50): Give your red and green and brown dishes a bit of a pop on this bright blue tablecloth.

8. Pinwheel Sequence Tablecloth ($80): This childhood toy–inspired tablecloth is just the thing to give your table some color in the dead of winter.

9. Stars Tablecloth ($25): Bring some of that winter shine to your table. Whoever finds the Big Dipper first wins.

10. Tovaglia Agugliata Tablecloth ($500): Alright, after checking out that price tag, you can go ahead and call this a heritage piece. You’ll be using this for every holiday get-together until the end of time.

11. Pipeline Tablecloth ($50): The bold bright pink on this tablecloth will add a pop of surprise to any celebration around your table.

12. Star of David Tablecloth ($50): You’ll find that the complementing colors on your table will have your guests tracing the Star of David while you eat dinner.

13. Round Tablecloth ($7): Here it is. The perfect pop of color for your tiny apartment kitchen.

14. Spectre Tablecloth ($25): A geometric border comes into play in this striking tablecloth. Perfect for that adult birthday party you’ve been planning.

15. Night Sky Tablecloth ($128): We’re pretty sure Van Gogh would be more than pleased to sit at this starry, starry tablecloth.

Where do you buy your tablecloths? Let us know in the comments below!