Serving turkey on the everyday tablecloth is just not going to happen. You don’t let your guests sleep on threadbare sheets, and we’re sure you pull out your nicest apron to keep your holiday sweater spotless while you stir up the cranberry sauce. These things may go unnoticed behind all the gravy and stuffing, but your napkins leave a longer lasting impression. Take a peek at these 18 DIY Thanksgiving napkins that beat the pants off a square of white paper towel.

1. Flannel Napkins: Flannel means cozy, and cozy is what you want for Thanksgiving, so add some flannel to your table with these napkins. (via Hey Wanderer)

2. Gold Scalloped Edge Napkins: These fancy napkins are just a stitch away from glamming up your table. Everyone will be asking where you bought them. (via Sarah Hearts)

3. Hand Painted Linens Kit ($30): We created this DIY kit with all your fall entertaining in mind. And since we don’t just want to give you kit without guidance, here’s a little tutorial to help you on your way to tabletop greatness.

4. Naturally Dyed Napkins: See those gorgeous colors? You can get those, too, by using berries and herbs for dye. (via Sugar and Charm)

5. Gold Polka Dots: It ain’t a party without a little gold. All you need to make these simple suckers are cloth napkins in your favorite colors, a pencil (with an intact eraser) and some metallic paint. (via Brit + Co)

6. Block Printed Napkins: These napkins are so festive and easy, we wouldn’t be surprised if you made matching tea towels for your kitchen. (via Imagine Gnats)

7. Patterned Napkins: Grab some fabric markers and get crafty with these patterned pretties while you catch up on your favorite season finales. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

8. Personalized Embroidered Napkins: Even if you don’t sew, you can easily take some plain jane napkins and stitch along a penciled line to make these personalized napkins. (via Flax and Twine)

9. Geometric Napkins: Did you know that you can put pictures on cloth using transfer paper? Use images of pumpkins, or you could use pictures of each family member. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

10. Pantone Napkins: Being the suckers for Pantone decor that we are, we had to include these Pantone napkins. It’s another transfer-paper project, baby. (via Maklarhuset)

11. Shibori Dyed Napkins: With all the brown turkey and red cranberries and green beans, blue napkins will complete the color wheel on your table. (via Anthro Blog)

12. Freezer Paper Napkins: Who knew that freezer paper could be so versatile? You choose your pattern and use the paper as a guideline as you paint. (via Black and White Obsession)

13. Watercolor Napkins: We recommend having a set of these napkins in different colors for each holiday. (via Paper and Stitch)

14. Stamped Napkins: Just like the turkey napkins above, this bear is a block carved stamp. (via Sugar and Charm)

15. Easiest Cloth Napkins: Yes, you are right. These are IKEA’s famous dishtowels. Cut them in half and hem the edge for the best napkins you’ll ever have. (via Kaley Ann)

16. Stenciled Napkins: Birds come in so many different colors and shapes and sizes, which makes them the perfect thing to stencil on your company napkins. (via Maker Mama)

17. Hand-Stenciled Napkins: If you have a steady artistic hand, try drawing your own stencil to fancy up your napkins. (via Paper Plans and Mary Janes)

18. Neon Napkins: We firmly believe that everyone needs a little neon in their day, even on Thanksgiving. (via Brit + Co)

Do you have special holiday linens? Have you already pimped out your napkins for Thanksgiving? Let us know below!