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community stories 2022

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23 AAPI Founders We Love to Support

Their creativity and sense of community inspires us every day.

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This Founder Wants To Help Parents Reduce Plastic Toy Waste

Tackling an unsustainable and plastic-heavy toy industry, Carocycle Toys lets you rent more sustainable toys instead.


Here's How To Build An Inclusive Fashion Brand

The founder of Autumn Body, which designs undergarments for women who experience extreme weight loss, tells her Selfmade story.


This Founder Wants To Make Every Trail In America Safe For Women

Jesca Pilar of SAFE+Happy Trails turns her personal experience into action for women and vulnerable communities.

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How This Illustrator Turned Her Passion Into An Emerging Brand

Founder of Hu Is Hungry dishes on her entrepreneurial journey and finding her WHY.


These Sisters Found Their Startup Win in Stickers from Asia

Koyun Fan, one half of Sticky Rice Sisters, shares her Selfmade story. Be prepared to be inspired!


25 Confidence-Boosting Quotes by Outrageously Inspiring Women

Share with your favorite gal pals this International Women's Day!

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5 Lessons from Living Alone During the Pandemic

"There's power in knowing who we are and choosing to love every part of ourselves."


6 Pro Tips for Becoming Your Own Boss (Yes Even Now)

Thinking about starting your own thing? Here's so-good advice from our Selfmade coaches

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Meet the Co-Founder of Caribu, The App That Lets Your Kid Read and Color with Friends and Family

"I'm a Jewban (Cuban-Jew), who is the daughter of immigrants, the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and the first in my family to graduate from college. My family is the American Dream and I feel an incredible burden to pay it forward to them and to this country that has given us so much."