While makeup can be incredibly fun and even empowering (as this Instagram model/artist with vitiligo proved), sometimes the ultra-polished looks from makeup tutorials can be hard to nail if you’re not a professional. For beauty junkies everywhere who need a laugh, Australian radio host Tanya Hennessy just made the LOL-worthy makeup tutorial parody of all time.

The 31-year-old comedian posted her now-viral video “Realistic Makeup Tutorial,” and Facebook and the clip already has 6.1 million views. She starts off with saying how she’s been putting off making her “everyday makeup tutorial” for months (every makeup tutorial addict has heard that line before!), and how she’s glistening with perspiration, as she says, “I walked up the stairs of my apartment, and I don’t do any cardio, so that really exhausts me.”

And then Hennessey goes on to break just about every beauty rule in the book, including never washing her face brushes (not since 2002!), not using a clean eyeshadow brush (it had black shadow leftover from “a slutty eye” look she did for an event), and also using six-year-old mascara (“Ooh, she’s clumpy.”).

She continues with some quotable quotes, including: “So after I’m done with brows and finished with yelling at my boyfriend,” and “Then I try to blend it together with no idea.”

But we won’t spoil all of the fun. Plug in your headphones and watch the video below for some midday laughs.

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(h/t Someecards; photo via Tanya Hennessy)