Kim Kardashian isn’t willing to back down when it comes to her feud with Taylor Swift, and though we’re used to Tay’s #GirlSquad coming to her rescue, this time around things are a little different. Taylor’s bestie, model Karlie Kloss, has stepped into the sitch, and what she has to say — specifically about Kim — may surprise you.

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss

In a recent interview with The Times, Karlie got straight to the point when it came to her opinion on her bestie’s nemesis, saying, “I think she’s been a lovely person to me in the past.” Wait, what? That doesn’t sound like a girl who has issues with the way someone is treating her BFF. However, it’s not that Karlie wants to switch to Team Kimye, either. In the interview, she also admitted, “Look, I really don’t know her that well.”

Kim Kardashian

The fact is, Karlie doesn’t want anything to do with the sticky sitch — or any online feuding, for that matter. “I feel like I’ve personally grown very thick-skinned in my own life. In this day and age, it’s really easy for people to be bullies from a distance, whether you’re in a small town, with girls in high school who write something mean or malicious on a Facebook wall or an Instagram post…” Touché, and well said, Karlie.

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(h/t Perez Hilton; photos via Matt Winkelmeyer, Monica Schipper, Tim P. Whitby/Getty)