Teachers are bosses. Anyone who constantly projects confidence at work (even if they aren’t feeling it) when dealing with more than 10 kids who range anywhere from four to 18, is a lady or gent who deserves all the awards. From handling puberty to keeping them from looking at their phones in class all day (guilty), teachers are basically the closest thing we have to real-life superheroes. And apparently, they’re Insta-stars, too. The newest hashtag to hit our favorite photo-sharing app, #teachersofinstagram, gives us mere mortals a glimpse into the world of our rock star educators. From classroom setups to learning activities, these 10 Instas give us a look into the day-to-day of the people who get kids to love school.


1. ClassroomShowoff: Can we all just take a moment to recognize the handwritten notes on each and every desk? If teachers had Olympics, this one would win gold. (Photo via @lessonswithlaughter)

color code

2. Teachers Helping Teachers: This adorable color-coding print-off makes it easier for teachers to get shit done. (Photo via @teachingtoinspireblog)


3. Inspired Tweens: Is it just me, or was middle school not this fun? These awesome seventh-graders are spreading awareness for mental health. (Photo via @scottampersand)


4. Dinosaur Activities: IDK who you are, Darla, but can we be besties based on your creativity alone? We can only imagine the creative stories that came out of this writing prompt. (Photo via @darlamyersclass)


5. Oh the Books You Will Read: Nothing brings a group of kids together quite like everyone having their own Dr. Seuss bookmark. (Photo via @huskylovingteacher)


6. Teachers Organized Neatly: Can we talk about how beautiful these color-coded containers are? Also, can you come over and organize my shoes too? (Photo via @seusstastic)


7. Outfit of the Day — Teachers Edition: Let’s be real, just because your audience is a bunch of seven-year-olds and not a bunch of fellow Millennials doesn’t mean your wardrobe should start slacking. Insert teachers’ #OOTD — the double check to make sure your outfit is on point. (Photo via @worsleyontheweb)


8. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: You can see these little brains just soaking up the knowledge. BTW, are these some kind of new tablets we’re not privy to? (Photo via @kindergartenlittles)


9. Penguin Posse: Ah, the days when arts and crafts were legit forms of learning. We’d give these penguins an A++. (Photo via @monkeyingaroundinfirst)


10. TGIF: If anyone deserves an Olivia Pope-sized glass of wine at the end of the week, it’s teachers. So kick back, relax and praise the Saturdays and Sundays. (Photo via @theengagingstation)

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