If you鈥檙e a new grad looking to land your first job, you probably already know that some of the best-paying jobs for women are in tech. And though it might take hard work to break into the industry, it totally pays off once you land an amazing gig with a great salary. As with any field, there are some jobs that *everyone* wants because they pay big bucks. That鈥檚 why Robert Half Technology partnered with the Creative Group to figure out exactly which jobs in the tech and creative sectors will see the most salary growth in 2017. Of course, actual salaries depend on your location and your company鈥檚 pay scale, but the numbers below should give you a good idea of what to expect. Read on for eight jobs that are looking聽pretty聽good this year.


1.聽Front-End Web Developer:聽With a whopping 7.2 percent salary growth projected for this year, front-end developers are seriously killing it. For those with 1-3 years experience, the average salary is $56,500-$80,500 (pretty great, amirite?).

2.聽Mobile Designer:聽People who design apps and make websites look good on your聽phone聽make bank. This year, they鈥檙e estimated to bring in between聽$80,000 and $121,500.

3.聽Data Scientist:聽Do you *love* charts,聽graphs聽and crunching numbers? Can you see the big picture when looking at spreadsheets? If you answered yes, then data scientist could be the perfect career for you. And you鈥檙e in luck: You鈥檒l score $116,000-$163,500 per year.

4.聽User Experience (UX) Designer:聽UX jobs blend creativity and technical expertise. If you鈥檙e interested in what makes websites and other digital products easier and more fun to use, this could be a career track to consider. Once you have 3-5 years鈥 experience, you鈥檒l be taking home somewhere between聽$75,750 and $103,000.

5.聽Big Data Engineer:聽What鈥檚 big data, you ask? *Really big* sets of information that are analyzed through very complex processes involving computers. It takes a lot of training and expertise to be able to do this. That鈥檚 why these engineers will rake in anywhere from聽$135,000-$196,000 this year.

6.聽Network Security Engineer:聽These are the very important people who keep databases from getting hacked. Considering the events of the past year 鈥 2016 presidential election, anyone? 鈥 it makes sense that their salaries,聽around $115,500-$162,500, are on the rise.

7.聽Content Strategist:聽Who knew that a creative job could be so lucrative? Content strategists brainstorm, write and edit content and figure out which types of content perform the best. You might not regret your English major after all聽when you鈥檙e making somewhere in the ballpark of聽$81,250-$115,250 a year.

8.聽Software Engineer:聽Engineers can usually count on taking home a hefty chunk of change every year, and this year is no different, with salaries ranging from $108,250-$164,500.

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