More and more cities across the world are adding biking lanes, but Antwerp is now the third city to jump on the latest trend in city infrastructures. Joining Chongquing, China and Washington D.C., the Belgian city has added a text walking lane to the streets. This latest addition to the city started as a semi-joke when local smartphone specialist MLab notice the amount of phones and cases broken due to people walking in a text fog. Beyond the humor, this trend may be a sign of the times.


There is nothing more frustrating than colliding with the person in front of you on the sidewalk because they suddenly halted to check their phone. Aside from being irksome, it’s dangerous. People become so engrossed with their texts that they forget about streetlights and traffic. Texting isn’t going anywhere, so perhaps more cell phone lanes will be opening in additional cities.


Do you think texting lanes are a good idea? We’d love to hear the pros and cons in the comments.

(h/t Bored Panda, photo via Mlab)