Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! We’ve spent the last few weeks flooding your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds with all sorts of turkey-centric inspiration, but today is all about thankfulness. As we prepare last minute sides, come up with a plan B for that totally burnt pie and make place cards for all our friends and family, it’s important to take a moment to simply be thankful.

We are so incredibly thankful for the community that makes this entire website, shop and company possible. We are thankful to makers around the world for pushing the spirit of everyday creativity forward. And we’re thankful for those light moments in our day where we’re able to take a minute to literally laugh out loud ;)

1. You, Our Readers: First off, YOU! We are grateful that you exist and that you want to be our BFFs on the daily. You inspire us with the things you make, the things you send us and you surprise us with the things you love to read. You RULE.

2. The Girls and Women in #iamcreative: If you haven’t checked out our call to creativity, it’s time to take a watch. The girls and women in this short film definitely stepped out of their comfort zones when challenged to be creative on the spot. They’re an incredible group of people, and we hope we’ve inspired them to be more creative.

3. The ’90s: Oh, the ’90s. I wanna stand with you on a mountain, because all I wanna do is have some fun. Earlier this year we turned back the clock here at Brit + Co for a full-on ’90s takeover for April Fools’ Day. DIY slap bracelets, scrunchies and Lisa Frank all got involved.

4. Our Contributors: Will all the freelance writers of Brit + Co please stand up? You deserve a round of applause. You have helped us grow this site beyond our wildest dreams!

5. The Newest Babies of Brit + Co: Clocking in at just a couple days over one month old are the newest babies of Brit + Co, Ansel Jackson Morin and Hudson Alexander Andre. Welcome to the family little dudes!

6. Halloween Photo Booths: What would life in this office be without a photo booth? At this year’s Halloween party the photo booth was definitely well-loved.

7. Disney Princesses FTW: And speaking of Halloween, try this on for size. When our comms gal Amanda mentioned that she was going to go as Hipster Ariel for Halloween, just about every lady at Brit + Co decided to follow suit… all day long. That’s right. Hipster Disney characters at desks, tip-tapping away and looking awesome.

8. B+C Shop Makers: The makers in our shop inspire us every single day. Seriously. This collection of folks has turned their passion for creativity into a career, and we couldn’t be more happy to have them as part of our family.

9. The Brit Co-Op: No idea what the Brit Co-Op is? Across the country, we’ve got a whole army of brand ambassadors who double as party hostesses! We send them a whole batch of Brit Kits and they throw a party. How sweet is that? Thankful for your creativity, ladies :)

10. Brit Kit Collabs: In case you missed it, we just released a whole new slew of kits. To make these happen, we collaborated with Bow & Drape, Not Martha, Shop Sweet Things, Polyvore, Design*Sponge, A Subtle Revelry, Almost Makes Perfect and Lovely Indeed to create nine brand new Brit Kits. We are so pumped about how all of them came out, and can’t wait for more collabs in the future.

11. Emoji: We are thankful that emoji exist, and that everyone in our office was willing to become one.

12. Our Team: And finally, if it’s not clear already, we are incredibly thankful for our team. Being surrounded by so many dynamic, creative, brilliant and hilarious people everyday is a total dream.

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Brit + Co