Update: This post was part of our 2014 April Fools’ Prank. But, you know the ’90s are always in style so keep on scrolling to keep the angsty/sparkly dream alive ;)

When it comes to rocking a little hair bling, we’re all about keeping it timeless and fresh. Enter, the scrunchy. A hairband that has forever changed the world of style, from sweaty gyms to sweaty VIP rooms ;)

Instead of simply rocking a regular old ponytail, we’ve come up with five foxy ways to style it up. And even though the ’80s might be over, don’t worry about being modest with that hairspray!

Chill Or Be Chilled

Here’s how it’s done:

1. Spray the roots of your hair with hairspray.

2. Use a comb to backcomb the top.

3. Pull out the front section of hair, and pull the rest into a high, slightly-side ponytail.

How hot is that?

Don’t Mess With This Crimp

We promise, crimping is still a thing:

1. Crimp your hair, lightly.

2. Pull into a side ponytail, letting bangs or layers fall out of the front.

3. Secure with a scrunchy.

4. Let that hairspray rip!

As that green dude in The Mask might say, “smooookin’!”

One Slammin’ Side Pony

Tame that main into a sweet side pony:

1. Squeeze a whole bunch of LA Looks Extreme Sport gel into your palm.

2. Scrunch it in your hair.

3. Pull all of your hair to one side, and secure with a scrunchy.

4. To get a little lift in the front, hairspray it up.

Remember Max Headroom? We loved that guy.

Saved By the Hairspray

Lisa Turtle better watch her step:

1. Curl up those bangs, and really let the heat soak in.

2. Spray generously with hairspray.

3. Backcomb your bangs to create a wave-like shape.

4. Pull up half your hair into a scrunchy.

We think this look would kill, even if you had to deal with Screech on a daily basis.

Keep it High and Fly

How to channel your inner fly girl:

1. Pull your hair into a ponytail right on top of your head, but keep a couple tendrils out in the front.

2. Secure with a scrunchy.

3. Curl the tendrils into ringlets.

Doesn’t she look like one of those Botticelli chicks? #classic

How do you rock a scrunchy on the daily? Talk to us in the comments below.