*Warning: This post contains spoilers from the most recent episode of The Bachelor, so if you haven鈥檛 watched it, stop reading!*聽

Last week鈥檚 episode of The Bachelor ended with the showdown of the century season between Corinne and Taylor, and it was obvious we hadn鈥檛 seen the last of it in the previews. Before everything went black, we saw Taylor coming out of the darkness rather than heading home as she was supposed to. Let鈥檚 catch up with the group and see where things are now鈥


Taylor crashed Nick and Corinne鈥檚 date, and our flaxen-haired villain聽was obviously pissed 鈥 Nick didn鈥檛 seem to be too happy either, TBH, though he consented to go outside and talk to Taylor. She immediately told him that Corinne was a liar and that she鈥檇 lied about Taylor鈥檚 character earlier in the day, and she felt she鈥檇 been sent home unfairly. She told him to 鈥渙pen his eyeballs,鈥 after which he said he respected her opinion but sent her back on her way.聽Nick told Corinne that what Taylor said wouldn鈥檛 affect anything going forward, and Corinne seemed more confident than ever. Nice try, Taylor!

They then moved right into the rose ceremony, continuing the non-traditional structure of this season. The women seemed especially nervous entering this ceremony, which was validated when Chris Harrison came with news that there wouldn鈥檛 be a cocktail party. That usually means that Nick doesn鈥檛 need any extra time with the women because he knows exactly what he wants to do, and the news sends anyone who hasn鈥檛 had much time with him that week into a blind panic 鈥 this week, most notably of which was Jasmine. The women with roses, of course, were feeling confident as ever.

Notable goodbyes were Josephine, a member of the peanut gallery; Alexis, our fave聽dolphin shark girl and Jaimi, the first openly LGBTQ Bachelor contestant. Now, it鈥檚 all women Nick calls 鈥渟erious鈥 contestants, including a few women who鈥檝e made little to no impression on the audience so far. Astrid? Whitney? We hardly know ye.


Nick announced at the end of the rose ceremony that they鈥檇 be traveling to St. Thomas, and everyone cheered (even if they didn鈥檛 seem to know where it was). Upon arrival, he said he 鈥渓oved island living,鈥 perhaps referencing his Bachelor in Paradise days, though let鈥檚 hope this version of island life聽is a little bit different for Nick (though if his colorful shorts are any indication, we may be in for a rocky ride). Kristina was given the first one-on-one, and it started immediately with a ride on a TINY plane with water-landing capabilities. She was totally game, but back on the ground, Jasmine was not stoked that she wasn鈥檛 picked for the date and the other women comforted her. Side note: It鈥檚 always so strange to me how these women are able to be here for each other under these circumstances!

Kristina opened up to Nick about her family; she鈥檚 adopted and still has a sister back in Russia. He seemed very interested and wanted her to share more, but wasn鈥檛 pushy about it. It was a nice change to the usual Bachelor scenario where people either share too much too quickly to force a connection, or don鈥檛 share it all up front and the other person acts like they鈥檙e putting up walls. Nick acknowledged that it was normal for her to not tell him everything immediately, which was great.

Meanwhile, back at the house, a woman named Lorna showed up to basically fulfill all the women鈥檚 needs 鈥 and basically ended up just filling in for Corinne鈥檚 nanny back home, Raquel. Poor Lorna. Back on the date, Kristina and Nick sat down to 鈥dinner鈥 and Nick asked more about her family situation (so much for taking it slow), and she opened up about her early life in Russia. She told him a story he probably wasn鈥檛 expecting, about how her family never had food and she聽eventually ended up in an orphanage. After a few years, she was given the choice to leave her sister behind and come to America to start over with a new family, which she took 鈥 Nick was moved to tears by her story, and told her she was incredible. He immediately offered her the rose, and she accepted.


After the group date card was read and two women were left off, the women assumed that Danielle L. and Whitney would be on a two-on-one date and the tone immediately changed. Two-on-ones breed tension; there鈥檚 no getting around it. Anyway, the group date started with a game of beach volleyball, which was probably not a good choice for women who are already in a competitive mode.

Many of them stated their concerns off the bat, saying that they weren鈥檛 there to play volleyball or compete in a literal sense for his time before quitting the game to sit on the beach and, more or less, pout. Group dates are terrible, to be fair, and I鈥檇 have a really rough time with them. The last shot before a commercial break was a dramatic scene of Nick kicking at the waves in the ocean, and like, c鈥檓on Nick. Rally and go talk to your girlfriends.

During the nighttime portion of the date, Nick immediately started talking to Rachel. Their conversations are super refreshing and honest, 90 percent of which I put on Rachel (#RachelForBachelorette). She told him exactly what she felt, and in an honest and communicative way. He received her feelings nicely and obviously wants her to be there; they left the conversation asking each other for honesty, and it was a real conversation a couple would have IRL. Many of the other women were similarly stressed out and felt like they needed reassurance, but Jasmine especially, seeing as she hasn鈥檛 had a one-on-one date yet. Back at the hotel, Whitney and Danielle L. were聽stressing out just as much聽over the prediction that their date is a two-on-one.

Pretty soon, Jasmine got time with Nick, and it devolved quickly.聽She talked about choking him multiple times, and actually put her hands on his throat, which was a clear sign it was time to go. While she said she wanted to do it out of frustration rather than necessarily violence, that鈥檚 still never something to joke about let alone actually mime, and he sent her home immediately 鈥 and I鈥檓 glad he did it. That was not okay. While she was clearly having a lot of feelings and was unable to get them out clearly in such a stressful situation, and that鈥檚 probably not something she鈥檇 do in a more normal situation, that鈥檚聽also not an okay thing to do.


Danielle L. and Whitney met Nick for a helicopter ride, and Danielle had a lot of feelings right off the bat. This is understandable! She鈥檚 had a lot more time with him than Whitney, and it鈥檚 strange that he鈥檚 comparing the two of them in this way. Whitney got one-on-one time with him first, which is the most time we鈥檝e seen of her on camera. He told her immediately that she鈥檚 鈥渞eally beautiful鈥 and has a calming aura, which explains why he鈥檚 kept her around even though they haven鈥檛 had much time.

Nick went right in with the hard questions for聽Danielle L., asking immediately what she asked herself when she thought about a future with him. She said that she could see herself bringing him home to her parents, to which he awkwardly left her alone and said, 鈥淕ive me a second, I鈥檒l be right back,鈥 and went to break up with Whitney. She聽didn鈥檛 let him off the hook easily, and said that it was easy to say that when they hadn鈥檛 had that much time together. They hugged awkwardly on their beachfront cabana for about 10 seconds too long,聽and then Whitney took her helicopter home.聽During the dinner part of the date, Danielle L. compared falling in love to falling off of a cliff, which doesn鈥檛 really bode well for the rest of the relationship, so we鈥檒l see.

Danielle gave Nick some pretty lackluster answers during dinner, however, that he didn鈥檛 seem to like, and his eyes got this glazed over look they get when he鈥檚 about to send someone home. When she finally told him she was falling in love with him, he fell completely silent and his face went red. I began to get the sense (along with the rest of the internet) that this two-on-one date would have no winners. He stayed silent while聽she giggled nervously, saying, 鈥淚鈥檓 so glad we鈥檙e on the same page,鈥 as if she could speak it into existence. And what a shocker 鈥 he didn鈥檛 give聽her the rose, after all.

He was obviously very conflicted about it and didn鈥檛 want to hurt her (or make a mistake). His rationale was just that he didn鈥檛 feel it back and didn鈥檛 want to hurt her more in the future, which I respect. She thought he was making a mistake too, and her tearful limo ride home was hard to watch. She did wisely acknowledge that 鈥測ou can鈥檛 make someone love you鈥 while he ruminated on the fact that she had been someone he鈥檇 had a ton of excitement about just a few weeks ago and it had dwindled. Hey bud, maybe that鈥檚 the problem with the whole Bachelor setup in the first place! You can overanalyze everything, get infatuated with the experience over the people, and fall in love with the idea of love rather than the actual people/person 鈥 but hey, that鈥檚 part of the fun of watching.


The episode ended with Nick walking into the hotel room to talk to the women, clearly reeling聽over the decisions he鈥檇 had to make during the night. He began to cry, telling them that the relationships with the women he鈥檇 sent home had 鈥渇allen flat鈥 and that he was terrified it鈥檇 happen with the rest of them. He revealed that he wasn鈥檛 sure if he could keep going through the process聽before walking out. That seems incredibly irresponsible and strange to tell them all that and not let them respond or ask questions, but hey, that鈥檚 Nick for ya!

Keep watching to see what happens next week, which looks like a rollercoaster of tears, anxiety and probably a few weird sports-themed dates, because of course!

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