The action on The Bachelor may spark some rather romantic appetites, but what about appetites for, ya know, food? You may have noticed over the many seasons that unless the contestants are nibbling on something for a sensual or quirky reason (e.g. Corinne’s whipped cream), they’re rarely seen eating on the show.

THE BACHELOR - "Episode 1901" - Our Bachelor, who is living right next door to the mansion this season, is filled with anticipation and excitement and ready to begin the search for his soul mate, choosing from a record 30 beautiful bachelorettes when the 19th edition of "The Bachelor" premieres MONDAY, JANUARY 5 (8:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (Rick Rowell/ABC via Getty Images)

Copious amounts of wine may be consumed and plates of decadent meals are often served, but no one consumes much of anything substantial while the cameras are rolling. And while there’s a very specific reason for that, you may be surprised by what and how the contestants actually do eat while in the mansion.

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While the reasons behind not seeing folks eat on the show may either seem wildly silly or totally reasonable depending on your own personal preferences, it turns out that basically seeing (and hearing) people eat is a turn-off to viewers — don’t tell the Food Network!

And though the plates may go untouched while filming (and catered food is available at the rose ceremonies), ex-Bachelor Sean Lowe told Six Seeds that, as for the fellas, “Typically, we would eat alone in the hotel room before the date so we wouldn’t be starving later.” Makes sense. And as for the ladies?

Well, they’re all on their own. While spending the roughly three months in the mansion, there is no delivery and no chefs on hand to help the gals out. There is, however, a fully stocked kitchen. Season 11’s Ashley Spivey told Refinery 29, “There are always lots of veggies, fruit, sandwich meat, bread, eggs, yogurt, cereal and frozen pizza.” With that, the women must fend for themselves. And if they don’t cook? They either have to rely on their fellow contestants to prep meals (perhaps not so ideal while in the heat of competition!) and hopefully share, or get used to eating a heck of a lot of yogurt.

Ashely added, “Dinner would be prepared by whoever felt like cooking for everyone. On my season, Britt was a classically trained chef, so she would make things like bacon jam or roasted tomato soup. I usually made dessert, like banana pudding.” Yum! That sounds a lot better than frozen pizza, TBH.

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