First off, Happy Valentine’s Day people! We seriously love you, and hope you love us too. Who else is busy filling your February 14th with ’90s heartthrobs, 3D roses, and the strangest Valentine’s gifts ever? No one! :) Now, onto our favorite bit of weekly randomness, the BritList.

1. Russell Stover’s Cheat Sheet: First up, we’re pretty obsessed with this cheat sheet made by the folks at Thrillist. And “Rich Person Butterfinger” might be best description of a chocolate we’ve ever seen.

2. Apple iTie: As if rumors of an iWatch, the iPhone 6, and a crazy new Apple TV weren’t enough, now we’ve got this amazing rendering.

3. Stella and Bow Mean Girls Collection: Best b*tches forever and a day, girl.

4. Barbie Does Sports Illustrated: To celebrate 50 years of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, there’s a new (or really old, depending on your outlook) bodacious babe in town.

5. Union Wine Company: Wine in a can is totally the new wine in a purse. Please, just don’t shotgun.

6. Wooden Memo Pad: This beautiful piece of wood is a memo pad! Workspace swoon.

7. Shoshi Games 2014: This has to be the best Olympic meme we’ve ever seen? But seriously. Shoshi from GIRLS makes for a perfect Olympian.

8. DJ and Steve Reunite: Full House reunions have been happening all over the Internet, but this one is real! DJ and Steve are reuniting as a brand new TV couple on an upcoming sci-fi comedy called The Neighbors. Our only question is: Will Kimmy Gibbler make an appearance?

9. Bird Industries Biking Skirt Garter ($12): Love rocking a skirt but don’t love your accidental exhibitionism when on bike? Enter, the bike skirt garter! It’s a garter that clips onto your skirt, making sure you stay all covered up on the road.

10. Upside Down Home in Russia: This Russian home is upside down. For real! It’s an exhibition in Moscow and makes for some seriously awesome photo shoots. Thanks to Swiss Miss for finding this gem.

11. Trust Your Thinstincts Booty Bra: Ummm… it’s a bra for your butt, made by Spanx, obviously. Finally, you can take a booty like J. Lo’s out for a test spin ;)

12. Infinity Renewable Candle: What?! How has this not existed before? It’s a candle that melts and turns into another candle. Win.

13. Facebook Look Back, Walter White Edition: And finally, if Walter White from Breaking Bad made his own Look Back video, this is what it would look like. (See also: Know Your Meme – Facebook Look Back Videos.)

What random finds did you share on Facebook, Gchat to your friends, or tweet about this weeK? Share them with us in the comments below.