Good morning folks! February is off to a roaring start, with all things pointing to love. Love of your besties, boo and little ones, too. But, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have time for some super random finds. Here are 11 things you need to see, including Batman R2D2 FTW.

1. Georgia Perry’s Pins: We love these pins by Georgia Perry, which so far feature a mix of geometric shapes and… Oprah. And now, Oprah is PINNABLE. #lolz

2. Why You’re Flaky and Late, In Charts: And just like that, you now have something official to reference every time your friends give you a hard time for being a bailer.

3. Maker Speed Dater: This might be our new favorite maker event we’ve seen. Created by Make Works in Glasgow, Scotland, this event mimics a traditional speed dating setup with soft candle light, confetti and the like, but with the goal of connecting makers with other makers. Participants were given three minutes to ascertain whether there was a potential making match, both for collaboration and straight up creative development. And guess what? It was a huge success. Makers everywhere want to know when this will hit their city — and you could even help host an event where you live. For those interested, the team is keen to get in touch with those who’d like to run their own Maker Speed Dater and will provide a guide to setting up and a selection of readymade resources to print out.

4. DIY Origami Wall Art: So simple and lovely — we’d love to create an entire wall using this same technique.

5. Color Block Magnet Set ($34): Did you know that we like things that are color blocked? ;) These will step up your fridge style and hold up that all-important delivery menu.

6. Super R2D2: We tend to consider R2D2 a hero around here, so were psyched to see artist Steve Barrington‘s re-imaginings of our favorite little ‘bot as superheroes.

7. Shuh Lee: Color + pattern = love. And that is all you need to know about this inspiring artist and maker.

8. Botany Pop-Ups by Bozka: Hailing from Warsaw, Poland, Bozka is an artist and illustrator who has taken to exploring the subtle and ornamental universe of plants. These pop-up florals are part of her “New Botany” collection — we love the level of detail found in each one.

9. Form Matters Concrete Jewelry: These stunning geometric forms bring industrial components to the wearable realm, combining pre-cast concrete components with brushed brass plates. Definitely conversation-worthy.

10. Pegasus Heel ($200): The question is not why. It is… WTF?!

11. I’ll Guac Your World Tee ($20): And also: We will GUAC you.

12. Lip Smackers Discontinued in the US: No. Just NO. We still love our Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers, yo! Sadly, this news seems to be real. According to Allure, Bonne Bell has just announced that they will be shutting down operations. Though Lip Smackers will continue to live on, they’ll only be available in Asia, Europe and Australia. Next question: Will there be an eBay or Etsy category for selling collectible Lip Smackers?