Well, it looks like the iPhone really can do anything. We’ve been keeping our eyes on the latest trend of multifunctional smartphone cases like the ReadyCase, and recently came across one that made us do a double take. It’s called the Spraytect ($40) and it combines a protective cover for your phone with a small tube of mace to keep yourself protected when you’re on-the-go. That’s right – now it’s possible to pepper spray someone with your iPhone. You knew this would happen one day, didn’t you? (Okay fine, we didn’t either.) The case is currently available for the iPhone 4 and 4S, and it comes in four different colors: black, white, turquoise and pink. We love the story behind it:

After an exhaustive search for personal protection devices for his college bound daughter, Scott McPherson was disheartened. There were no easy-to-carry or socially acceptable options available in the marketplace. There were many pepper sprays and other various safety devices for her backpack, but none that were easily accessible. Then the dots were connected. Most co-eds don’t go anywhere without their smartphone so the optimal solution was to combine her phone and a safety device.

Perfect for those of us that walk alone in an urban environment or in the dark night, we agree that this 2-in-1 functionality makes sense for women who want a bit of extra security. The case itself is pretty simple: it’s thin with a small tube on the back that contains the pepper spray. The tube makes the case a little awkward-shaped, but it’s probably still small enough to fit in your favorite purse or clutch. To spray, just pull the tab, rotate and fire. It seems easy enough to do quickly if you’re attacked by surprise.

Our first thought, or should we say, fear, is that one might accidentally spray themselves with this case. However, Spraytect states that there are “multiple safety mechanisms to prevent accidental firing.” Let’s just make sure small children don’t get ahold of one of these.

While we’re not sure we’d use this as our everyday case, we do see the value of taking it along for a night out in an unfamiliar environment.

Would you add mace to your case? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or find us over on Twitter.