It's true. Mason jars are everywhere. Whether it's mason jar rim bangles, pendant lights, coffee mug lids, or planters, pretty much everything comes in mason jar form these days. But what happens when a mason jar hooks up with a pair of fishnets and a can of gold spray paint? Beachy golden awesomeness, that's what. We can't wait to try this out with vases, glassware (a la Candy Cane Cups), and obviously a fishbowl.


– jars (mason jars, jelly jars, mustard jars, etc)

– fishnet stockings! (or any netted material)

– gold spray paint

– tape (electrical + painter's)

– string

First, clean your jars. If they've got labels, soak them in hot water until the labels peel off easily. For our material, we used two different varieties of fishnet. Cut up your material so its rectangular.

Cut a piece of netting so that it wraps nicely around your jar. Stuff the jar with newspaper so no spray paint gets inside. Tie each corner of netting around the jar and fasten with a piece of string. You'll have a few wrinkles here and there, but that gives your pattern added texture.

To spray, you definitely want to get outside. We used our teeny tiny balcony and set up a spray painting station with cardboard and newspaper. Take your jar outside and spray away! Spray paint takes about 15 minutes to set, so rotate and spray again after 15 minutes. Keep rotating until your jar is well-covered.

Unwrap, and voila! Pattern time!

Aren't they just darling? Now, onto the large netting.

These ones remind us of a honeycomb. Perhaps a mermaid-meets-queen bee scenario?

Next up, stripes.

These are definitely the easiest ones. All you do is wrap electrical tape around each jar, spray, and remove tape.

Lastly, we created polka dot jars using oil cloth and a giant hole punch. For these, take a strip of oil cloth (scraps are available at any craft store for under $1, could also try using fun foam or a magazine cover), punch holes in it, tape to your jar, and spray. Make sure to let these set for a full 15 minutes before removing your stencil.

Remove the tape, and there you have it!

These would be great for weddings, birthdays, Easter Sunday — pretty much any party! We could see them filled with tea lights, flowers, confetti, or cocktails.

Bonus: If you're not up for spray paint and just want a cute way to package jars, grab some netting and simply bundle up your jars. These definitely take a cue from the Colorful Tights chapter of our 12 Days of Wrapping Series.