Ever wanted to learn how to do everything? Us too! Although they don’t guarantee the solution to every life obstacle, The School of Life presents handy Everyday Survival Guides that can get you through just about anything. There’s no question we need self-help books but most fall short of actually helping. But here, the titles are succinct, to the point and honest.

The School of Life now features two box sets in their series. That means 12 short books written with wit concerning anything from fitness to adversity. Considering they cover just about every topic, the how to books make perfect gifts. Who do you know who wouldn’t want some tips on finding fulfillment at work or having less anxiety about money?

The first volume explores life basics like money, work and relationships. These clever books delve into everyday life issues without getting too serious, with titles like “How to Worry Less About Money” and “How to Think More About Sex.” And although book titles like “How to Stay Sane” and “How to Change the World” might sound a little far-fetched, the books are surprisingly practical.

The second box set reveals six additional informative titles. Learn “How to Age” with grace or “How to Think About Exercise.” Leading minds tackle interesting issues in a consoling and genuine way. Titles like “How to Connect With Nature” point out how technology has removed us from the natural environment and coaxes us back into it. “How to Be Alone” examines a culture at odds as we’re terrified of solitude but value autonomy. They’re built to tackle everyday issues, and even if you hate self-help books, they’d look great on your coffee table.

What’s your favorite self-help book? Would you ever read this how to series? Let us know in the comments below!