This is probably the most awesome oxymoron we’ve heard since “jumbo shrimp”: the SoundLess Speaker. This “SmartLight” notifies you of basically anything you could ever want to know, soundlessly.

Great for people who listen to their music cranked way up (which we’re definitely guilty of here at Brit HQ) or who want to stay notified while on the phone, this device relies on LEDs to get its message across.

The “SmartLight” has enough applications to basically light up your whole life. Get notified about tweets, Facebook messages, emails, and more. Weather and game scores brought to you on a fun LED screen. The speaker also has sensors for temperature, proximity, and luminosity and the ability to send alerts to your computer or smartphone. You can find out the temperature in another room, or be alerted when someone turns the light on.

This little device can do so much more than just notify though. It’s a cool and powerful light (thanks to the super LED). You can project animated lights for a party or put up an image, a la a neon bar sign.

Easily portable, the speaker opens up possibilities of a visual GPS guide or a portable lamp.

Currently a Kickstarter project, we’re intrigued to see all the uses that their actual users come up. It seems so customizable that they might just be limitless.

What uses are you dreaming up for the SoundLess Speaker? Tell us in the comments below or let us know over on twitter.