Disney has a long history of creating princesses that we adore, but as the years have passed, those princesses have become more active in their own adventures (think Mulan, for example). They’ve changed from frail royals waiting for a prince to show up and save the day to kickbutt ladies who face down their own trouble, perhaps with a friend in tow and a love interest in the mix. But in the new trailer for Disney’s Moana, there’s something unexpected. First, this is a movie without a love interest, aside from the love that Moana feels for her home and family. Second, Moana is the hero.


When tasked with defeating the dangers that lie beyond the reef of her island home, Moana (brought to life by newcomer Auli’i Cravalho) must first find the demigod Maui (voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) to face the danger in the great blue.


However, when the adventure first kicks off, they blantantly say that Moana is the hero. Not just the princess, but the hero. Sure, she has a demigod there to help her out, not to mention a quirky little bird buddy and the ocean water that is literally her active friend, but Moana is the one who’s there to save the day. So awesome!

Take a look at the new trailer below and check out how amazing Moana is (and get a chuckle from the smile-worthy Maui).

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(h/t Elite Daily; photos via Disney)