Summer is almost at an end, which means the days of making La Croix planters and cactus donuts are phasing out as well. We may be entering back-to-school season, but there’s no reason to fret! We have some classes that you won’t dread taking. Because life doesn’t have to be all work and no play.

Check out a few classes that you actually want to take. Heck, you can even take them in your PJs, because they’re on-demand so you rewind and watch at your own pace wherever you want, whenever you want. Homework NOT included.

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1. Fauxligraphy: Pen Calligraphy Online Class ($29): In this class, you’ll learn how to create faux calligraphy by turning your normal handwriting into your own calligraphy style, using fundamental movements to connect letters, and more. At the end, you’ll be able to use your newfound skills to create cool gifts like mugs and prints.

Students get access to:

  • a 52-minute class taught by designer and faux calligraphy pro Alyssa Thiel
  • 10 lessons that include a basic strokes overview, how to thicken your downstroke, adding embellishments, and more
  • an exclusive course workbook that includes practice sheets, flourish and laurel examples, and your final design

Enroll in our Fauxligraphy: Pen Calligraphy online class today!

2. Phone Photography Basics Online Class ($29): If you’ve always wondered how people take such amazing pics with their phone cameras, this is the class for you. Full-time blogger and photographer Helene Sula will help you capture photos while out and about with a few fancy styling tips. You’ll even learn how to do the super popular flat lay shot, complete with lighting best practices. Get ready to watch your Insta following explode!

Students get access to:

  • a 39-minute class taught by travel blogger Helene Sula
  • 10 lessons that cover camera settings, shooting a flat lay, editing photos, and more
  • an exclusive course workbook that has resources for both Android and iPhone users

Enroll in our Phone Photograph Basics online class today!

3. Photography for Bloggers Online Class ($39): Do you have a blog and want to step up your photo game? Food blogger and photographer Lindsay Ostrom can help you get there. In this class, you’ll learn all the basics of your camera, as well as how to light and style your photo shoot to get the best pics for your content.

Students get access to:

  • a 55-minute class taught by food photographer Lindsay Ostrom
  • seven lessons that cover camera settings, composition, styling and more
  • a professional photographers insider tips on how to style photos

Enroll in our Photography For Bloggers online class today!

4. Watercolor Painting Online Class ($29): No, painting isn’t just for kids. Get in touch with your arts-and-crafts side with the help of Jenna Rainey, painter extraordinaire. She’ll show you how to build a custom color palette, mix colors, use different brush strokes, and how to paint beautiful florals. At the end, you’ll be able to create gorgeous bouquets to decorate greeting cards, your favorite quotes, and more.

Students get access to:

  • a 60-minute class taught by watercolor artist Jenna Rainey
  • seven lessons that cover watercolor supply recs, color theory, painting florals, and more
  • an exclusive course workbook that includes a color wheel and inspiration to get you started

Enroll in our Watercolor Painting online class today!

Once you buy one of our online classes, it’s yours for keeps! So you can watch it as many times as you’d like while you’re learning those awesome new skills. Happy creating!

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