The start of a new year has many of us using the idea of a fresh start to come up with New Year’s resolutions. While many find even the simplest of resolutions hard to stick to, others tend to really aim high in terms of what they hope to achieve in the new year. Some people *ahem, maybe some of us* are clinging to our lazy girl resolutions, but there are more of you out there looking for a serious change, like going back to school or starting a new career. It turns out, not surprisingly, that where you live can have a huge impact on your success in the job hunt, and now, we know where we should be for that bright new job.


According to online job site, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN is the absolute best place in the country if you’re looking for work. Why? The twin cities are a hub for businesses between Chicago and Seattle with loads of job vacancies in various industries. Cost of living is decent and the population is big enough for it to be a fun place to be. And according to ZipRecruiter’s jobs to jobseeker ratio, there are 1.72 jobs for every single jobseeker in the twin cities.

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Rounding out the top five are Providence, RI, Portland, OR, Kansas City, MO/KS and Cincinnati, OH. All of these smaller cities offer unique experiences such as high financial investment in growth industries (Providence), super-excellent quality of life (Portland), strength in national markets (Kansas City) and huge potential for new grads combined with low competition for jobs (Cincinnati).

Across the board, the number one industry in all 10 of ZipRecruiter’s top 10 list is healthcare. While many of us immediately think that this means doctors and nurses, the healthcare industry includes jobs in insurance, medical sales and nutrition, so there’s probably something for almost anyone in this varied industry.

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Armed with the knowledge of which cities are aces for jobseekers, the new year might just be your perfect opportunity to really shake things up and go after that dream career you never thought you could have. With so many options, a new job resolution seems like it might be a win.

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