Here we go again! While #TheDress, the infamous blue & black or white & gold dress that boggled the internet’s mind, became one of the pinnacle pop-culture moments of 2015, this year has had its own viral optical illusions. The shiny legs pic weirded everyone out while we tried to unsee the sitch, but now we have another blue & black/white & gold conundrum with these WTF flip-flips.

Twitter user @positivedemi posted a pic of the flip-flips and, of course, we’ve all been swept into the color confusion. Some folks see blue and black. Others see white and gold. W…T… F?!

IRL, the flip-flops are blue and dark blue, but because of the lighting, perception and all that jazz, you can’t predict who will see what color when they take a peek.

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(h/t Jezebel)