We’ve all heard about the “thigh gap,” the space between a woman’s upper thighs. That empty space leave us with lots of questions: Why are we obsessed? Where did the cultural phenomenon stem from? And most importantly, why did College Humor‘s parody of “dat gap” go viral? The Anthropology of a Thigh Gap dubs the phenomenon as one of human evolution’s greatest mysteries, “engaging in the idolatry of nothingness.” The video is LOL funny, while still being kind of profound.

So let’s get back to where this all came from… hold on tight while we run down the list. First there was Chip Wilson’s comments regarding Lululemon yoga pants only being for certain women. Then there are the plethora of websites offering tips on how to achieve the coveted space + the Instagram accounts belonging to women whose main goals in life seem to include whittling their thighs so a sliver of daylight can poke through. But as the College Humor vid aptly points out “dat gap” ≠ “dat booty.” So let’s let the thigh gap fade into the emptiness that it was trying not to fill.

While we all work on our Kim and Beyonce backs, Target is making public apologies for their thigh-gap Photoshop fail of a teenage girl in a bikini who is… what the heck?! Missing her crotch?!?!

Likewise, fashion photographer Guy Aroch recently turned his lens toward the phenomenon in a video titled, The Magic Gap, which was apparently intended to “diffuse” the thigh gap obsession, has been denounced as doing anything but. Dubbing the space as magical was Aroch’s first mistake. Let’s not give the term an enchanting ring, mmmkay?

Alright, now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, College Humor’s antics. Open your notebooks and sharpen those pencils, class is in session.

What are your thigh gap thoughts? Let ’em loose in the comments below.