If shiny gold things and bright pops of color are *totally* your style, have we got a treat for you. The latest collab from Sugar & Cloth x May Designs is every modern ’90s gal’s dream come true. Recognized in the creative community by their chic (and colorful!) designs, these visionary forces have come up with four limited notebooks you can make your own by adding a monogram or cute quote. So whether you’re a busy gal who needs her life organized AF or a DIY #queen who needs a creative outlet, there’s bound to be a notebook combination that suits your needs!


As far as the steps for designing your custom notebook go, it’s pretty straightforward. First, choose your pattern from a selection of notebook cover designs (Color Block, Gilded Cacti, Retro Shapes and Gold Confetti). Next, pick out your notebook’s dimensions from three available sizes: a mini one you can slip into your coat pocket, a classic one for everyday use or a large one you can fit inside your satchel. If you dig the personalized touch of a monogram, select the font, style and color you’d like your monogram to have. Lastly, choose what the inside pages of your notebook look like. The possibilities range from standard daily planner to an adult coloring book (say what?!). No matter what your wants or needs, you can bet this custom notebook collection will definitely meet ‘em!


If you’re on board with the *fabulous* Sugar & Cloth x May Designs collaboration, don’t wait — snag their limited designs now!

Which of these cover designs are your favorite? Check us out on Pinterest for more awesome collab announcements!

(Photos via Sugar & Cloth)