From budget-friendly fashion hacks to cheap European flights to the food that fills our bellies, we will gratefully accept any advice on how to keep our hard-earned cash in our wallets. That’s why you might think that shopping at Trader Joe’s is an affordable grocery option (which frankly, it is), but it turns out you could be wasting money with one simple mistake. Though the chain offers returns for items that don’t meet your standards, there is another policy that could save you big bucks, and we have the deets you need.

trader joe's

It turns out that Trader Joe’s has a “try before you buy” policy which allows you to do just that: Try an item before you buy it. That way, you can sample something to be sure it’s up to par before you spend your money on it. The only exceptions are raw or frozen foods that require cooking, as well as alcohol (sorry!).

If you want to take advantage of this handy offer, just ask a Trader Joe’s employee for assistance and enjoy your savvy taste-test. And *high-five* to TJ’s for this super customer-pleasing policy.

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(h/t Pop Sugar; photos via Getty)