There’s no doubt that we love our feline friends — fuzzy ones, orange ones, old ones, we adore ‘em all. We can even show you how to quit your day job and start a cat-lover’s subscription box company. And though black cats have their own adorably sleek look, they also have a bad rep. Centuries of the little critters being deemed bad luck (and, ya know, witches’ familiars) has had a modern effect: Black cats are still the least likely to be adopted, which is why one humane society is offering a very special offer. This Black Friday, November 25, all black cats are FREE!

woman and black cat

Though you have to be in adopting distance of the Seattle Humane Society, we couldn’t adore this initiative more. With adoption fees usually ranging from $25 to $125, from 11am to 8pm on Friday, November 25, all black cats can be adopted for free.

You could end up with a new friend like Lucy…

OMG, for realz, how sweet is Lucy?! Listen to her! And she’s not alone. There’s also Kiki, Caesar, April, Tonka and more.

If you or someone you know is in the Seattle area and is interested in picking up a new feline friend, visit the Seattle Humane Society’s website for more info.

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(h/t Mental Floss; photos via Kelsey Maddock, Lumina Images/Getty)