You know we love when random objects become boom boxes. From sneakers to fanny packs, it seems that speakers are showing up just about everywhere. And now, vintage suitcases are catching on.

Born in Nashville, Thump Trunk was founded by a photographer-turned-audio-tinkerer and is all about repurposing and rocking out.

Each Thump Trunk starts with a vintage suitcase. Speakers are then mounted on the outside and wired up with an amp and battery on the inside so you can bring your music wherever you go. Each case has an on/off toggle switch, a charge port allowing you to recharge it, and an audio input that works with phones, mp3 players, computers, and even your old walkman.

We love this way of breathing new life into old suitcases, especially since old school suitcases are so much more beautiful than new ones. No, they’re not the most convenient for travel anymore, but they sure look good.

So many gorgeous trunks!

What unusual boom boxes or speakers have you seen lately? Any interesting in rigging up your own DIY speaker suitcase? Talk to us in the comments below.