It鈥檚 crazy to think that Facebook is now a huge part of our daily Internet routines. Check your email, check the news headlines, check your news feed. Americans spend an average of 40 minutes a day on the social network, which basically means that we consider Facebook as one of our daily activities, just like showering or doing the dishes. Mind-blowing (and slightly embarrassing), we know.

Behind emailing and web browsing, Facebook is the third most popular online activity. However, this week, Mark Zuckerberg pointed out that Americans spend nine hours a day on some form of digital media, so 40 min really isn鈥檛 a big piece of that pie. If you want to see if you鈥檙e a part of this semi-alarming statistic, estimate how much time you actually spend on Facebook, here.

Last year, the results of a FB-sponsored survey on American smartphone owners revealed that members check their accounts 14 times a day. We don鈥檛 know about you, but we think that鈥檚 a lot of time to spend on one social network, especially when we鈥檝e got Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to check, too.

While it鈥檚 definitely important to keep up with social media, if we cut back on the amount of time we spent on it, we鈥檇 have so much extra time to do other things. Like watch more TV. Kidding! Like spending some QT with the people we care about or hittin鈥 up the gym 鈥 OR MAKING! Seriously, wouldn鈥檛 you rather spend 40 minutes making this? Or this? Definitely this. And these.

Or we could just continue to multi-task. The stats above show which activities we鈥檙e participating in while checking Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on our phones. Fine, we鈥檙e a little impressed.

The amount of time Americans spend on social media is a controversial topic 鈥 do we spend too much time or too little? Tell us where you stand in the comments below!

(h/t Huffington Post)