So you know how we love to show you how to make things, we love to make kits to help you make things and we like to show you things that other people make? Well, now we’ve got a whole bunch of supplies to add to that arsenal of make-spiration. Straight from the B+C Shop, we’re serving up the 10 things you need to tackle just about any DIY project, from washi tape to the most mini glue gun you ever did see. #makersgonnamake

1. Pocket Notebooks ($15): First, you’ve gotta get a notebook or two to start planning, sketching and brainstorming. As much as we love all things digital, it’s still super helpful to brainstorm with pen and paper.

2. Bold Washi Set ($10 for 4): Washi for days! We seriously have the best washi tape that you’ve ever seen, and we’ve curated it into clever sets for a variety of occasions and projects.

3. Paint Pens ($3.50): Duh, paint pens are a must. Use them to create pattern-dipped bud vases, the biggest DIY ornament in all the land or this set of fierce painted stone rings.

4. Gold Sewing Scissors ($40): Admittedly, the photo above breaks one cardinal rule when it comes to crafting. Never use your sewing scissors with paper!

5. Metal Ruler ($4): Never underestimate the utility of a good metal ruler. You can use it to cut straight lines, measure (obvs!) and to create custom templates if you’re making more than one of something.

6. Mini Glue Gun ($10): We use glue guns a lot around here so we’re all about this pocket-sized one for gluing on the go. Yes, we glue on the go ;)

7. Liquitex Acrylic Paint ($10): This is our favorite brand of acrylic paint, because the coverage is good (aka you don’t need tons and tons of layers) and the color selection is on point.

8. Paint Brush Set ($5): Of course, to use that awesome acrylic paint you’re gonna need some brushes.

9. Painter’s Tape ($5): Dear Painter’s Tape, You make all of our painting project dreams come true. Color-dipped bar stools, anyone?

10. Stretched Canvas ($15): And finally, go classic with a stretched canvas or two. Create your own wall art in a matter of minutes, using any combination of the supplies above!

And now, a GIF! Weeeeee!

What supplies do you have trouble finding locally? What other types of things would you like to see in the shop? Give us your feedback in the comments below.