When Anne Hathaway stood up in front of the United Nations yesterday, she spoke about the issues around parental leave, using her own experience in a very honest way to relate to the struggles others face. Amal Clooney also took to the podium to deliver a powerful speech about ISIS. Unfortunately, TIME decided instead to focus on her slightly visible baby bump, and folks are seriously upset.

Amal Clooney _ United Nations

“The mom-to-be (who also happens to be married to George Clooney) stepped out outside the United Nations headquarters in New York City on Wednesday, showing off her baby bump in a dark gray pencil skirt and matching cropped blazer,” said the piece by People, which was then published on TIME Motto. Though a perfectly accurate description of Amal Clooney’s outfit on International Women’s Day, folks were more than just a little upset over the fact that TIME chose to focus on Clooney’s appearance as opposed to the important message behind her speech on Thursday. And it wasn’t just the article that did so.

TIME’s tweet narrowed things down even more, focusing solely on her baby bump and not even bothering to mention the topic of her speech.

Readers were quick to tweet their own thoughts on the sitch…

Watch Amal Clooney’s speech for yourself and decide if you’re more impressed by her outfit and baby bump or her speech.

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