We’re constantly checking Instagram for the latest health and home crazes (seriously, we dare you to look up #oatporn). So when we saw that house plants are trending HARD on the internet this spring, we knew we had to incorporate the look into our apartment as soon as possible. There are just so many positives about sprucing up your pad with a little green — not only are plants great for your health and productivity, but if Pantone’s 2017 color of the year (Greenery, BTW) is any indication, a touch of green will make your home radiate with Instagram-perfect vibes. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of a few professionals to give us the DL on how to revamp our space for spring by decorating with indoor plants.

1. Look up. Decorating with large plants can be a challenge in tiny apartments, but Sunset’s Johanna Silver advises to use the most of your limited space by hanging plants. “Yes, like many things ‘70s, the hanging plant is back, macramé and all,” says Silver. Check out our own Make a Macrame Planter Kit ($20) at Target for an easy peasy project that’ll make any plant look Insta-fabulous.

2. Play around with height. If you’re looking to create a gorgeous #plantshelfie, make sure you’re playing with height by mixing tall plants with itty bittys to really define your space, notes The Bachelorette and Love It or List It star Jillian Harris: “You only really need one large plant or two to three smaller, either bunched together or placed at different heights around your space.”

3. Don’t be afraid to get crazy with your planters. While white pots will go with your decor year round, don’t be afraid to brighten up your room with a funky planter. “Pair an unusual plant, such as an accordion-like Euphorbia kibwezensis, with a one-of-a-kind vessel; the result is akin to sculpture,” Silver advises.

4. Consider turning your plants into wall art. One of the biggest home decor trends of the year is to use real plants to decorate your walls, according to HGTV. Even adding a few plant holders to your wall (with some low-maintenance greens, of course) can really add that extra zing your space has been missing.

5. Meal prep with your fave plants. While most people spring for some freshly cut flowers to give their kitchens a pop of greenery, Silver suggests using plants like a succulent garden to really give you that look you’re looking for. “Despite their reputation for hardiness, most succulents don’t thrive indoors,” she warns. “The exceptions in this crew: aloe, dyckia, euphorbia, and sedum burrito. All have narrow footprints, making them perfect for a countertop.”

6. Get crafty and build a terrarium. While terrariums have been trending for quite some time, they’re still a very popular statement piece to add some green to your home. Check out this fun tutorial to create a sand-art terrarium for your air plants that’ll elevate any bookshelf or nightstand.

7. Mix things up with color and texture. It’s true; some plants are just plain boring. Instead of opting for a simple green fern, try adding some interest with some textured or non-traditionally colored plants (Desert Jems has some amazing jewel-toned cacti that are freakin’ adorable).

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