If you’ve ever had one of those “why didn’t I think of that?!” moments, you’re going to love what’s in store today. From new ways to re-use products you already have, to saving time doing mundane things, I headed back to New York this morning to show the folks at the TODAY Show seven different tips and tricks for making things easier around the home. You may recognize some of these from our past post, 40 Clever Hacks for the Home, where we tried out a whole bunch of home hacks found all over the web.

1. Use Cupcake Liners as Popsicle Drip Catchers: Popsicles are awesome. Sticky fingers are not. Cupcake liners to the rescue! Just poke a hole in the base and then wrap one around each popsicle stick. This is a GREAT trick for messy young kids… or Today Show hosts wearing nice suits ;) (originally seen on Parent Hacks)

2. Use Spaghetti as a Match: This is such a great trick for getting to hard-to-reach candles. Just light the end of a dry spaghetti noodle and stick deep into your votive to light your wicks. (originally seen on Real Simple)

3. Store Pasta in a Pringles Can: Speaking of pasta, here’s how to keep that spaghetti fresher longer: Store it in an old Pringles can! It happens to be the perfect length for your noodles, and you can even decorate the outside to look nice in your pantry or countertops. These are great for holding other types of dry goods as well. (originally seen on Lifehacker)

4. Use a Comb to Hammer Nails: I will fully admit to having hammered my fingers while trying to hammer a nail before. But now I know this trick! You can save your fingers from getting all busted up by using a comb to hold nails in place. (originally seen on WikiHow)

5. Use Beeswax to Waterproof Canvas Shoes: I LOVE this one, especially for beach season or rainy season. You can use a bit of beeswax to waterproof your shoes! Just rub the wax onto your shoes, blow-dry to seal, and you’re done. (originally seen on Snapguide)

6. Use a Bowl as a Sound Amplifier: If you’re having an impromptu dance party or dinner party and missing some great speakers for your music, try pulling out a bowl to add some amplification to your tunes. (originally seen on Real Simple)

7. Use a Hair Straightener to Iron Collars: And finally, a great trick for those super-rushed mornings. Use a hair straightener to quickly iron a cuff or collar. My husband steals mine to use on his shirts all the time! (originally seen on Real Simple)

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Do you have questions about any of the tips and tricks listed above? Favorites that we should include on our next list? Tell us in the comments below.