Kickstarter has been host to some knockout style essentials over the years — from a clothing line that’s trying to do some serious good in the world to a hypnos hoodie, which makes it possible to nap just about everywhere. Our latest crowdfunded fashion find is the brainchild of professional free skier Artem Glebov. It combines his two passions — extreme sports and the love of his life — in the cutest and coziest way.

After reaching its original Kickstarter goal in just three days, the Together Wear hoodie has started quite the stir. At first glance, the product looks like any old hoodie, sporting a comfy exterior and a standard double drawstring. But it’s when you turn the garment around that things start to get a little more intimate. On the back of each hoodie, there are two deep pockets, where, according to their website, couples are encouraged to warm up their hands by hugging their sweethearts.


Although the hoodie seems to be geared towards mild to moderate outdoor adventurers, the wonderfully weird Internet has already thought of a different use for the convenient back pockets. “As a single woman, I am going to use the back pockets to store snacks,” writes one Facebook user. And although we are inclined to agree with this ingenious secret use, the brand continues to focus on the romantic aspects of the product: “Being in love, I realized how important it can be just hugging with my sweet,” says Artem. “That’s the main concept of Together Wear.”

The hoodies are set to start shipping out in July, and the Kickstarter pledge for both the pullover and the zipup ($79) will be available until May 26. For more information, check out Together Wear’s Kickstarter page and website.

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(Photos via Chukcha Group)