On one of our last trips to New York, we stumbled upon these insanely beautiful necklaces by Pepper Cotton. Using a handcrafted netting material and gorgeous crystals, they’ve created otherworldly bits of wearable goodness. But, their pieces start at $125 and only go up. While we totally support a splurge if you can swing it (they’re made by two artists, after all), we couldn’t resist trying our hand at a DIY version.

With help from tubing, clasps, and sprinkles (yes, sprinkles), we created a whole bunch of tubular necklaces, inspired by the folks at Pepper Cotton.

 – 1/4 inch plastic tubing

– cord ends

– clasps + loops

– filling!: glitter, sprinkles, confetti, seed beads, etc

For the tubing, any local hardware store or Home Depot should have tubing for you to use. Ours had faint black numbers printed on it, which are fine. You can also try Amazon’s pre-cut vinyl tubing. Cord ends are best purchased in person as well at your local bead, jewelry or craft store so you can make sure the tubing fits.

To close off one end of tubing, attach your cord end using glue. Some cord ends already have the loop attached for clasping, but ours did not so we used gold wire to create our own loop. Squeeze a bit of all purpose glue into the cord end, and push the end of your tubing in.

Now it’s time to fill! For our first one, we used glitter. It’s best to fill your necklace over a bowl or something that can catch the glitter that doesn’t make it into the tube. You can also make a small funnel with a piece of paper.

Close off the end of your necklace with another cord end. Then use two loops and a clasp to finish the whole thing off!

A lovely look even for a regular Thursday at the office. Could be really fun for customizing accessories for upcoming events, holidays, or Burning Man? ;)

Repeat with sprinkles (can you say Candy Necklace 2.0?), beads, and more glitter!

And there you have it! A super simple way to make a whole new statement. Think of it as the beauty of the glow necklace with a more modern, stylish approach.

Plus they make great headbands too! :)

Have you tried your hand at any of our recent statement necklaces? Any questions regarding steps or materials in the tutorial above? Get at us in the comments below or head over to Twitter.