A new pad (even a new-ish pad) means one thing: it’s time to throw a party. What is better incentive to unpack those boxes and decorate those blank walls than the promise of getting your girls together in one place?! Your place. Today, we’re teaming up with Palm Breeze to bring you inspiration for throwing a sweet soirée with a tropical twist. Palm Breeze will bring the taste of the tropics to your friends even if there aren’t any palm trees or beaches in view of those just-draped windows. Available in Ruby Red Citrus and Pineapple Mandarin Orange, these refreshing adult beverages will give your BFFs another reason to cheers. Follow along to check out four DIYs to bring your party to life.


Not familiar with the Palm Breeze flavors? Ruby Red Citrus has a fresh picked grapefruit aroma and a crisp, light and refreshing taste. The additional carbonation adds a bit of zip to the flavor and clean finish. Pineapple Mandarin Orange is a fragrant blend of pineapples and oranges. The pineapple is a hint more forward on the taste and has a completely clean and refreshing finish.

Get Cozy

The perfect addition to any canned drink, these cozies couldn’t be cuter… or cozier.


Materials + Tools:

– foam sheets

– scissors

– tropical stamp

– ink pad

– hot glue gun

This project will only take five minutes, but it packs a punch (and keeps your “punch” nice and cool).


First, measure your foam sheet against a can of Palm Breeze by wrapping it around and marking the foam where it meets on the other side. Cut it to size. Then cut an extra strip of foam the same height as the can. Add flair to your cozy by stamping tropical fruit on the foam. We used a pineapple, but a flamingo, watermelon or citrus ring would also be adorable. Pro tip: Don’t push the stamp down too hard. The foam is like a little cushion, so the ink will smear if you use all your muscles.

Once the stamp is dry, glue your extra strip of foam to one end. Then wrap the foam around and glue the other end to the extra foam. See? You’ve got a nice clean edge thanks to the secret piece of foam on the inside. Now reward your hard work with a can of Palm Breeze!


Spend Time on the Coast(er)

It’s always a great idea to set your beverages on coasters to keep your furniture looking good. That 100-year-old-tree coffee table will have that sweat ring forever ;) Fear not, friends, we’ve got a quick and easy coaster tutorial.


Materials + Tools:

– white tiles

– Sharpie

– paper


Sharpies are the best! These permanent pens work so well for revamping household goods.


For these coasters, all you need to do is draw on your tiles. We recommend trying out your designs on a piece of paper first. Since we love pattern, we decided to make simple designs on our coasters to add minimalist texture to our theme. We haven’t had issues with the Sharpie coming off of the tile, but if you find that your design isn’t staying for good, you can add a top coat of sealer.


We love the combination of the bright pink cozy and the black and white coaster.

Say Leaves!

If you know B+C, you know we are obsessed with photo booths. So it should be no surprise that we’ve got a photo backdrop on our list. To keep with our theme, we made a gorgeous palm leaf and flower wall hanging that will transport your guests to a tropical vacay.


Materials + Tools:

– crepe paper — pink, orange and yellow

– green wrapping paper

– green + yellow paint

– pipe cleaners

– string

– scissors

– paint brush

– hot glue gun


Check out the full tutorial here.


In short, paint and cut out palm leaves. Then create gorgeous tropical flowers out of crepe paper. String the leaves and pin them to the wall. Secure your flowers in between the leaves, and you’re ready for a photo shoot.


Hop in front of the jungle with your bestie, and “Say Leaves!”

Sip and Dish

We are all about the details, so we had to add some extra goodies to our glass of Palm Breeze. To deck out our drinks, we created some simple stir sticks.


Materials + Tools:

– stir sticks

– card stock

– hot glue gun

– circle hole punch


Start your timer — this project will take you less than five minutes!


Cut out a bunch of colorful circles with your hole punch. Take note: Each stir stick requires two circles, so cut out an even number. Add hot glue to one circle, place the stir stick on the glue, put the second circle on top and press firmly.


Pour yourself a glass of paradise.


Of course we also had to create a garnishing station. We included stir sticks, straws, lemon rinds and lemon wheels, which go perfectly with the refreshing flavors of Palm Breeze.


If this doesn’t warm your house up, nothing will!


Palm Breeze makes any day feel like a tropical getaway, turning a girl-time get-together into a “vacay every day.”

What other decor would you add to this party? Share your ideas in the comments, and as always, tag your photos #iamcreative and #britstagram so that we can see your projects.

This post is a collaboration with Palm Breeze.