It’s about that time. You’ve seen the hair and makeup tutorials as people get more and more pumped for Halloween, the amazing costumes people are putting together (your bestie would totally be on board with being the Nicki to your Beyonce this Halloween). But the thing is, you don’t have time to throw a costume together, or maybe you reeeeally don’t want to. Lucky for you, this year’s costume is just a T-shirt away thanks to the B+C Shop. Check out these 11 options for a one-and-done costume that only requires a few common props to pull the look together. Plus, rocking a tee on Halloween is a super comfy alternative to some of the more restrictive attire. Be sure to grab yours while there’s still time!


1. Hangover Tuxedo Tee ($12): Who doesn’t love a good excuse to get dolled… down? Your mission in this hangover tee is to look as undone as possible. That and to show them you can party hard two to three nights in a row ;)


2. Frankie Says Relax Tee ($12): For a super easy costume, go as an ’80s babe or Ross or Rachel from Friends (if you don’t get the reference, watch this clip from the episode ‘The One With the Tiny T-Shirt”).


3. Pirate Tee ($12): Pirate costumes are a Halloween classic. Do your best Captain Jack Sparrow impression in this easy tee: “But why is all the rum gone?”


4. Sriracha Tee ($26): Now you can dress as everyone’s favorite bottle with a green cap! But also, feel free to think outside the box. Use your imagination to be a “hot mama” if you’re expecting, “hot and bothered” with your BFF, a “hot ticket” if you’re on the prowl or (for your pooch perhaps?) a “hot dog.”


5. Thank You Bag Tee ($12): Whether you dress up Katy Perry or takeout food, this shirt is sure to get some laughs. After Halloween, how cool would it be to turn this tshirt back into a bag? This DIY will show you how.


6. Squad Tee ($12): Mod squad, geek squad or your squad! You and your posse can roll up to the party in these matching tees so there’ll be no mistaking who you’re with. How fun would it be to swap roles and dress up as each other in these?


7. Game of Thrones Tee ($26): When it comes to GoT, you know your stuff, and you don’t need armor or a fur-adorned getup to prove it. Besides, who could possibly narrow it down to just one favorite character? With this tee, you don’t have to!


8. Donuts Tee ($24): Pull this tee on when you seriously donut care about Halloween costumes :)


9. Kool-Aid Tee ($12): Dress as the lovable and slightly terrifying mascot of our youth. You definitely have to make a grand entrance if you’re going to do it right. Heeeeyyy!


10. Poindexter Tee ($24): The fail-safe nerd costume always comes through when you’re in a bind. You might want to bring your Good Grammar Is Sexy tote for all the candy you’re going to score.


11. I’m So Fancy Tee ($24): We’re so fancy… you already know! Leverage this tee into a Real Housewives costume, or channel your inner Iggy Azalea. Time to let all those trick-or-treaters just where you stand.

Did one of these tees just make your Halloween costume? Tell us in the comments below!