Along with the promise of candy and scary movies, one of our favorite parts of Halloween is the makeup. Who could resist watching a tutorial (or 15) showing you how to get the spookiest costume on the block? Obviously not us! We’ve compiled a list of some of our absolute favorite creepy Halloween makeup tutorials that we can’t wait to try on October 31.

1. Cheshire Cat: He may star in a Disney flick, but we think this Cheshire Cat makeup is downright spook-tacular. Pair with a blue ensemble, ears and tail to make it the perfect pick for the scariest night of the year. (via LinzMushel)

2. Half Skull: Makeup artist by day, Halloween fanatic by night. This tutorial shows off both sets of skills with a half skull face we’re dying to try for ourselves. (via pollyanne b)

3. Little Red/Werewolf: Little Red is the Big Bad Wolf in this spooky makeup tutorial. Both creepy and classic, this costume is a great one for All Hallows’ Eve. (via Kota Wade)

4. Maleficent: Kandee Johnson never fails to amaze us, but this Maleficent-inspired look might just take the cake as our favorite. (via Kandee Johnson)

5. Vampire: Forget the sparkling skin of Edward Cullen — this is one seriously scary vamp! We can’t decide if we want to recreate it or run away. (via Julia Graf)

6. Goth Makeup: Is she a vampire or a zombie? Get creative with this gothic makeup to create a creepy look that’s all your own. (via Jackie Wyers)

7. Zombie: A zombie costume doesn’t always require buckets of fake blood to be creepy and effective. We love how the green- and purple-tinged makeup looks in sharp contrast to the rest of her everyday style. (via Alana Dawn)

8. The Corpse Bride: Tim Burton would be proud of this Corpse Bride-inspired look. The drawn-on eyelashes and blue hue are making us wish Halloween would hurry up and get here already. (via pixiwoo)

9. Broken Doll: There’s something about doll costumes that always manage to freak us out. This cracked doll might just be the scariest one we’ve seen yet. Eek! (via dope2111)

10. Creepy Clown: We had just started getting over our nightmares from American Horror Story: Freak Show when we saw this creepy clown ensemble. It’s scary but totally on point for a night of terrors. (via Chelsey Stacey)

11. Sugar Skull: We’ve seen plenty of sugar skulls for Halloween, but very few have the vibrant blue hues of this gorgeous look. (via Brook Marrs)

12. Gothic Lolita Doll: Here, Michelle Phan puts a gothic spin on the classic scary doll ensemble. Those giant contact lenses definitely up the creepy factor. (via Michelle Phan)

13. Marie Antoinette: Not for the faint of heart, this is a far cry from the classic sexy Marie Antoinette costume. If you can deal with the gore, this is one seriously impressive tutorial to try. (via Julia Graf)

14. Black Widow: Haunting yet beautiful, the dramatic black lips and eyes in this tutorial are seriously spooky. Bet you never thought you’d find a need for black lipstick! (via Julia Graf)

15. Lady Frankenstein: Frankenstein gets a more feminine twist with a gorgeous red lip and classic green skin. We’ve even got the hairstyle to match. (via Carah Amelie)

Which scary look do you want to try this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!