When we came across this beauty by the folks at Iacoli & McAllister, we were totally inspired. The colors of the coated and uncoated brass and copper are so… us! If you’re up for a splurge, we would totally support spending $285 on this gorgeous necklace. Of course, we couldn’t resist creating our own hack on it, for under $40. Read on to see how it’s done.

 – long tube beads of various sizes

– black cord

– spray paint in many colors!

We couldn’t find rectangular beads at our local bead store, so we went with long sort of oblong-shaped tube beads of different lengths. To keep things simple, we knotted all of the strands together at the top, eliminating the need for traditional jewelry tools or clasps.

Layout your beads to see how many you’ll need to make your necklace.

Head outside and spray paint those suckers! We went with red, black, dark brown, gold, light blue, and off-white.

This is what our setup looked like. Rotate your beads and spray them again.

Now you’ve got beads! As you can see, some are a bit irregular, but we dig the texture the imperfection adds to each bead.

String ’em up.

We created six strands of beads.

For the clasp, all you’ve gotta do is tie a knot. Seriously!

Voila! How chic is that?

Naturally, we had to pair our necklace with a gangster attitude. West side!

And we (read: I) couldn’t resist trying it on as a headband. Boho chic?

What fancy necklaces or accessories would you like to try recreating? Send ideas our way via the comments below. Happy making!